News: Team spotlight: Ben Byford


So to kick off our new website and announcements for our new game I though we'd highlight the amazing team we have working on it. So to kick us off and purposely with the least fanfare here's Ben Byford.

He's been working as a web developer / designer, artist, barista, researcher, ethicist, barman and much more... did I mention paperboy? After many years as a web designer, he finally realised he had a few of the skills required to start making games of his own. So after many failed attempts and several Game Jams, Ben started getting web games work as well as working on his first independent project Full Colour Tiles.

To consolidate games and services in one place Technology and Creativity Limited was created with friends to work on game projects together for clients and independently. Our next game Grace Hopper: Bug Rescue is in development and won a UK Games Fund grant in 2020.

Ben also works on AI ethics projects (and a AI podcast), coding and data science teaching. His general love for technology, ethics and art bleeding into everything he does.

Our amazing team bug illustrations by Joe Blakeston

Tags: Ben Byford, Developer, Game designer, Team, Grace Hopper: Bug Rescue
Date: Thursday, 18 February 2021

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